EquityOne Sports is a full service recreational development company providing development and consulting services including feasibility studies, site analysis, site planning, cash flow analysis, equipment and systems analysis, recreational programming, detailed cost estimates, design/build construction, and financing.

EquityOne Sports will analyze your recreational needs and help you answer the pertinent questions.

Is demand strong enough for a new recreational facility?
What is the competition?
Where is the best location?
Is there land available?
How large should the facility be?
What will the project cost?
How should the facility be programmed?
What will the estimated revenues be?
How can revenues be maximized?
Are government incentives available?
How do you get the required government approvals?
How will the project be financed?
What should the debt/equity ratio be?
How should the facility be operated?

How much land is needed for the facility?
Will the site accommodate future expansion?
Where is the best location?
Is the site properly annexed and/or zoned for recreational use?
If not, what will it take to get the proper zoning?
Are all utilities available to the site?
Does the site require detention?
What is the site worth?

How should the facility be situated on the site to maximize use and efficiency?
How much car and bus parking is needed and how should it be configured?
How large should the drop-off area be?
What is the most efficient plan for expansion and detention?
What are the setback and height limitations?
What is the most efficient ingress and egress plan?

What is the total cost of construction including all site work?
What are the architectural and engineering fees?
What are the total soft costs associated with the project?
What are the total financing costs associated with the project?

What is the most cost effective design for the facility?
What is the most flexible design for the facility?
What is the best clear height for the facility?
What is the best column spacing for the facility?
Is natural light required?
Will truck docks be needed?
What are the power requirements?
What is the most efficient mechanical system for the facility?
Is sound attenuation needed?
Should the walls be concrete or metal?
What is the best method of delivery for the project?
Who accepts legal responsibility for the design and construction of the facility?

What financing is available for recreational developments?
How much equity will be required?
What are current mortgage rates?
What are current bond rates?
What terms are best for the project?
What guarantees will be required?
Are private sources of equity available for the project?
What costs are associated with financing the project?

How are revenues projected?
What are the hours of operation
How are the hours of operation divided between prime time and non prime?
What are the seasons of operation and how do they vary depending on climate?
How can revenues be increased
What are the projected expenses?
How can expenses be minimized?
What additional services can be provided to help offset expenses?
Are government incentives available to help reduce expenses?

What is the best equipment for the facility?
What systems will help generate the greatest revenues for the facility?
Does portable equipment work better in the facility than stationary equipment?
Is flexibility of use more important than durability?
Is performance more important than maintenance?

What activities are in greatest demand?
What activities offer the most growth potential?
What activities are best suited for off-peak times?
What are the most profitable activities to offer?
What is the best way to find qualified employees and train them?
What is the best way to minimize exposure to liabilities associated with operating a recreational facility?
What is the best marketing plan for the facility?

EquityOne Sports has the experience and knowledge to answer these and many more questions that must be asked before a successful recreational facility can be developed. Please call or email us to find out how we can work together to ensure the success of your new facility.
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